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Masquerade inspiration

On October 27, Cosburn Park is having a masquerade. Are you ready for a night of mysteries and hidden identities? Here are some ideas for your President’s Dinner mask.

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Cosburn welcomes Dignity Memorial

Cosburn is very pleased to welcome Dignity Memorial as a sponsor. As North America’s largest provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery services, the Dignity Memorial network cares for thousands of families each year. Dignity Memorial associates work tirelessly to...

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The Umpire Writes Back: The Hog Line

When I threw the jack just past the hog line, my skip asked where the mat was. Why?   In other words, when is the hog line not the hog line? When the mat is moved up. Think of the hog line as a moveable line...

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La mystère du croquembouche

It appeared in the club on Tuesday evening, an elegant French dessert where buttered raisin bread is the usual sweet treat. Who built this tower of filled creampuffs, mortared with golden caramel and swaddled in spun sugar? Could this elimination challenge of reality...

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Duties of the lead

1. Help vices take out the rakes, mats and jack, and help return the equipment to the sheds at the end of the game. 2. Lay the mat and centre it in line with the rink numbers. 3. Roll the jack and, with clear hand signals, help your skip to centre it. 4. Play bowls...

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