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OUR COACHING PROGRAMS are designed to help bowlers of all levels—from beginners to intermediate and advanced—enjoy the game by developing skills, strategy, and good sportsmanship throughout their playing years. Our friendly, supportive coaching team is available to help players gain confidence with workshops and practice drills as they progress. Players who understand what they’re doing and why are more engaged in the game.

DELIVERY AND WEIGHT CONTROL WORKSHOP: The first of our coaching workshop series, this session is popular among new bowlers and is geared towards improving the skills you need to bowl close to the jack.

FIRST-YEAR BOWLERS start with the basics: how to deliver a bowl, safety on the greens, and effective communication, along with the fundamentals of gameplay, scoring, rules, and etiquette. Learning a little game strategy along the way will make each game more interesting and fun.

VICE AND SKIP WORKSHOPS: These workshops are designed for bowlers who have played for three years or more and are about to be promoted to the vice or skip position or are already playing these positions. After a brief explanation of each positions’ roles and responsibilities, we go out on the green to practise a variety of shots such as trail, wick, and heavy draw shots. We’ll also polish your measuring skills.

TOURNAMENT NEWBIE WORKSHOP: If you’ve never bowled in a tournament and would like a bit of a challenge, this workshop will introduce you to Ontario Lawn Bowling Association (OLBA) tournaments. You’ll learn the basics: how to prepare, how to register and how a tournament is organized.

MONDAY NIGHT DRILLS: We will set up basic drills for you to try on Monday night and then replicate on your own to help improve your game. A coach will be available if you need help.

You must sign up in advance for coaching workshops so that we have enough coaches there, ensuring everyone learns as much as possible and has fun. The workshop is free for Cosburn members and $5 for members from other lawn bowling clubs. Cosburn members may sign up on the coaching board in the clubhouse; members from other clubs should email

Workshop schedule

Coaching workshops

There are no upcoming events.

How to become a Club Coach

A very good first step is to volunteer as coaching assistant. Help with new bowlers and set up for workshops to run smoothly. It’s a fun way to learn and meet new people as you develop your coaching skills.

When you’re ready, take the Coaching Clinic. Our coaches are National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) sports-specific trained through the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association (OLBA).

For more info, email or speak to Coaching Chair Mary Lou Richards.

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