Book a spot for a jitney

Book a game with your friends

Games at the club are set for a 2-hour duration.

Cosburn members can play singles, pairs, or trebles games.

You must maintain physical distancing on the greens—even with your team members. Use two jacks (one for each lead) and don’t touch anyone else’s equipment. Bring your own pen if you want to keep score and a teatowel to use as a mat.

Book a practice session for one

Book a session with a club coach

How has bowling at Cosburn changed because of COVID-19?

Members must book a rink in advance. You can’t just show up to bowl, even if the club is not busy.

  1. Only current members who have signed the OLBA waiver may use a rink.
  2. You may book a rink for practise on your own or a game with your friends. No more than six players per rink.
  3. Members may not bring guests to the club at this time.
  4. No spectators.
  5. Bring a mask to wear in the common areas of the club.
  6. Booking closes a few hours before each time slot.

When you arrive at the club, you’ll have to sign a COVID-19 Declaration. (You may print your own blank declaration in advance.) You’ll find many other changes at the club, all intended to keep our members safe and healthy.

Bowlers’ Calendar

The green blocks show booked rinks. You can use the calendar to look ahead and see when the rinks will be busy.

This calendar is refreshed twice daily. If you just booked a rink, it may take up to 12 hours to appear here.

Cosburn Park weather

Current conditions

Today’s forecast

5-day forecast

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